120 Depot Court Peachtree City, GA 30269

120 Depot Court Peachtree City, GA 30269

Strike A Bargain With Wholesale Fuel Distributors

Gasoline is in high demand. In 2019, U.S. drivers purchased roughly 142 million gallons of gasoline. Work closely with D&D Energy Group Inc., one of the nation’s top wholesale fuel distributors, to meet that demand and enjoy sizeable profits.

To maximize sales and profits, buy fuel wholesale. Learn the benefits of purchasing wholesale below.

  • More bang for your buck. Wholesale fuels are markedly less expensive. Work with gas station suppliers like D&D Energy Group to ensure you are paying the right price for fuel. We sell our wholesale fuel at a fair, reasonable rate — one that will more than allow you to turn a profit.
  • Various applications. Gas stations and convenience stores are among our top customers. However, there are other industries that can benefit from purchasing fuel in bulk. Farmers, factories, fleets, the auto racing industry, and the aviation industry may also benefit from buying large amounts of fuel at once.
  • Fuel delivery. Fuel is delivered directly to gas stations for your convenience.
  • A constant, reliable fuel supply. When you work with D&D Energy Group, you build a lasting and fruitful business relationship. By choosing us for your wholesale fuel needs, you ensure predictability. Fuel will arrive on-time, and we are always transparent about our gasoline and diesel prices.
  • High fulfillment and customer satisfaction rates. With predictability and a constant supply come happy and satisfied customers. Consumers will learn that they can rely on you for their fuel needs and many of them will return week after week, year after year.
  • Go above and beyond customer expectations. When you have a close business relationship with D&D, we are able to work with and accommodate you when you need it most. For example, customers may line-up at gas pumps prior to an extreme weather event, like a hurricane, tropical storm, or tornado. You may experience a surge in sales during fuel shortages and national or state emergencies. As professionals with years of experience in the industry, we will do what we can to pull strings and help you meet customer demand, even in the event of extenuating circumstances.
  • Ongoing pump monitoring. D&D can acquire new pumps for you, and monitor tanks and make repairs once installed.

Fuel will always be in demand. With the right business relationship, you can make certain you are poised to meet that demand and profit from it. Contact D&D Energy Group Inc. for all your wholesale fuel needs!