What Is a Jobber?

A petroleum marketer, or jobber, is a company that purchases wholesale fuels from refining companies to sell to retailers, such as gas stations or direct sales. A jobber is a middleman between refining companies and those sell the fuel to the masses at a retail price. Total gasoline consumption accounted for about 58% of total transportation sector energy consumption, 45% of total petroleum consumption, and 17% of total statewide energy consumption in 2019.

What a Petroleum Marketer Does

Jobbers could be the go-between with companies who provide support managing refined fuel margins. The jobber typically owns the gasoline being sold and the station it is sold to, but an operator is allowed to lease the store. This means a jobber is an independent business person who purchases wholesale gas, oil, fuels from a refining company and then resells the product. By 2001, more than 40% of all gasoline in the United States was sold via jobbers.

Who a Jobber Sells To

Jobbers will resell refined wholesale fuels to government agencies, industrial businesses, and commercial users. Jobbers actually refer to themselves as petroleum marketers, as the term jobber has largely fallen out of use.

What to Look For When You Buy Fuel in Bulk

As a fuel retailer, it’s important to know your partner well. When doing business with a petroleum marketer, it’s imperative to know about that company. The fuel supplier should be trustworthy, knowledgeable, and have an eye toward your success. Some questions you should ask include how long the jobber has been in business, how big are they and how many gas stations do they supply, and do they have good financing options.

Wholesale fuel providers usually provide a number of services, such as educational opportunities for store owners, training seminars, and on-site consultations to help identify more ways to make a profit. A proficient jobber can provide opportunities to lease and buy stores, competitive carrier options, and outstanding customer service. Good petroleum marketers can offer quality brands that bring the best value to a location, whether its a convenience store, oil company, or quick-serve restaurant.