What You Get From A Wholesale Diesel Fuel Supplier

Diesel literally fuels the transportation industry. Last year, the transportation industry consumed 47.2 billion gallons of diesel fuel. Diesel is the perfect choice for larger vehicles, including buses, construction and farm equipment, freight trucks, military vehicles, boats, and more.

It is even powerful enough to produce electricity for remote Alaskan villages and the backup generators for hospitals and large factories.

At D&D Energy Group Inc., we know just how powerful and profitable diesel can be, and we want to invite you to share in those profits. Here are a few more advantages of using traditional diesel fuel and working with wholesale diesel fuel suppliers, like D&D Energy Group.

Why Diesel?

  • Diesel is more fuel-efficient than gasoline. If you are wondering whether you need gasoline and diesel for your gas station or convenience store, the short answer is yes. Not only does diesel meet the needs of more customers, like truck drivers, but it is also more efficient. Diesel boasts a fuel efficiency 33% higher than regular gas.
  • Diesel is greener than ever. In 2006, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued new guidelines, requiring manufacturers to limit the sulfur in diesel fuel to prevent harmful emissions. Today, U.S. diesel fuel is now ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD).
  • Diesel and diesel-powered engines produce more torque, making them better suited for heavy hauling. Again, this is why many of your customers buying diesel fuel may be driving trucks and semis.
  • Diesel is markedly less flammable than gasoline. Diesel can be exposed to a spark or two without bursting into flame. It is technically flammable but would require the direct and extended application of heat in most cases.
  • It is significantly less expensive than gasoline, running about 30 to 50% less per kilowatt-hour.

If you are going to own and operate a gas station or corner store, it is important to cater to all customer needs. Remember, truckers are among the most likely to be repeat customers! Work closely with wholesale diesel fuel suppliers to ensure that you have regular gasoline and diesel fuel for purchase onsite.

To put it plainly, diesel is an absolutely essential part of the economy and transportation industry. Tap into that profit. Work with the professionals at D&D Energy Group Inc. for the best wholesale diesel fuel supplier service around. Contact us to learn more.